Avinash Sharma


Avinash Sharma


I am the person whom people ask "what should i do now?".

I am a person who lives in his Digital world, Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptop, PCs, Gadgets and Music.

I Love to troubleshoot problems whether its in a Electronics device from Electric fittings in house to Complex Television sets and Music Systems. It is not my hobby. It is a Challenge for me.

Self Learner, I believe there is no better teacher then yourself. Finished my graduation(Bachelors in Computer Applications) without touching books because sometimes Books makes you stiff. Think out of the Box.

Self motivated, For me motivation is to learn, learn and learn everyday. New or old doesn't matter. I can not sit in a single place doing nothing.

Confident, Confidence comes from learning and knowing things. If you know how to kill darkness, you can never be afraid of it.

Optimistic, whenever the clouds are dark and winds are unfavorable what i feel is something new is going to happen and everything happens for a Good reason.

Helping hand, I believe if you help people they will remember you and someday when your time is not right some of them will come and rescue you. Nobody in this world can live alone. We are social organisms and we all need hands at the end of our time.

Musician, Started my music career as a guitarist in 2011. Its my daily drug and i am proud that i am addicted to it. Music helps you stimulate your brain and clear your thoughts. It makes you active person rather then a person comes back from office and sits on a couch watching a Tv-serial.

Mini-Google, Some of my friends believe i have stolen the database of Wikipedia and google. My secret is i do web surfing in a different way. I see world wide web to connect with millions and billions of people and database of knowledge and learning.

Philosophies I follow in life are "Live and let live", "Only one god", "Evolution is the law of Life" and "Never give up".

I believe People never reach heights, but there works and words do.

  • Education
    • Bachelors in Compute Applications, Masters in Business Administration