Avinash Tiwari

Student in Pune, India

I am a college student . I pursued my school education from Kendriya Vidyalaya in science stream.I am basically interested in computer, specially in the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning and Machine Learning. I want to establish my career in Software Engineering field.I have deep affinity for computers.I am a technocrat at heart.I like to know the science behind all the things that happen around us, i.e ,why the things are the way they are.I also am a software-geek;like to track developments in the software industry.
On a personal note, I love hanging out with my friends and visit new places.I too love to make new friends,learn different languages and try do something new and thrilling .

  • Work
    • Completed training at IFFCO
  • Education
    • Computer Science and Engineering