Avinash Yegyanarayanan

Hyderabad, India

I love words. The beauty that can be described by them as well as the feelings that can be ascribed to them. I love words. I use them for coaxing, cajoling, convincing, conveying, caressing, catering, consoling & consulting.

I work as a consultant helping people understand what they actually want vs what they feel they need. I help clients undertake complex assignments in understanding what works as incentives and what does not. I design and build systems that make sure clients come back to us only to thank us or give us new work. I make sure the employees of our clients don't need a 500 page document to figure out how their incentives are structured and where to find them.

In short, I am a Sales Force Effectivenes consultant specializing in ICM. I also am a UI & UX expert. And yes, the UI/UX bit helps a lot.

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    • Consultant
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    • B.Tech