Avinash Yalamanchili

Avinash Yalamanchili is a 24 years old Independent Security Consultant and has definitive experience in the field of computers and Training Industry. He also wrote a book called “Decoded Hacks” in April 2007 and designed the distance learning course on “Ethical Hacking”, which have been appreciated by both students and professionals. Since then he has been part of many entrepreneurial ventures for capturing the market in training and knowledge based solutions by conducting Workshops and Seminars. He is also the CEO of Anti Hackers League (AHL) www.antihackersleague.com who works against the Crackers and un ethica Hackers for the security purposes.

A small town kid from Warangal, Yalamanchili was fascinated by computers at the age 15. "I used to run off from school to this internet café near my house and spend all my school hours figuring out the internet," he says. "One day when I found that someone had tampered with my password I was intrigued when I learnt that it had been 'hacked.' I began surfing the net for all the information I could get on hacking and understanding how it is done and its uses and mainly misuses."

Seeing his keen interest, his mother gifted him a PC when he was 18; and by age 20, he had established himself as an Ethical Hacker and a Computer Security Expert and by age 21, he released a Hackers Operating System called "JACLYN".

Today, Yalamanchili is featured regularly in the television and print media for his opinions on the latest virus outbreaks, hacker community trends and vulnerabilities.Recently In August 2009, Rediff published an video interview on hacking.

With the world becoming increasingly smaller thanks to the internet, people are falling victim to cyber crimes being committed across continents. And since there is no avoiding technology in modern life, Yalamanchili advises computer and internet users to keep updating and arming themselves with the latest in cyber security. "My goal is to help keep my country secure and I am proud that I am able to do it in my own little way through my unique skills," he says.

Avinash started his own developing and consulting company "Siri Innovations" in India and USA.