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Avinna Teeple

United States

since our establishing in 1985, we have stayed committed to putting just the finest meats on the tables of American gastronomes. At the vanguard of the ranch to-table development, we are the main purveyor of foie gras, amusement meat, natural poultry, pates, hotdogs and smoked indulgences in the country. The majority of the four-star restaurants in New York City, for instance, have D'artagnan items on their menus.

Our reasoning is straightforward. Before such trendy expressions existed, we were resolved to unfenced, regular creation and manageable, compassionate cultivating practices. We accomplice just with little ranches and farms that have strict norms, never utilize anti-infection agents or hormones, and sign sworn statements to that impact. We help these systems with the goal that we can offer you the best-tasting, faithfully raised meat conceivable.