Avish Hakani

I started with research, Online Marketing and IT entrepreneurship when I was 14 and improving and developing myself since then. It has been 2 years of learning and 4 years of execution in Information Technology Services; Digital Marketing; Entrepreneurship resources management , learning and development; Startup Ecosystem Creation & Startup Development; Business Execution & Development; Event Management and Networking.

What I believe is "TO MAKE A GREATER FUTURE, WE NEED TO BUILD GREATER FOUNDATIONS NOW" (©). It has become my passion now to help people grow their business by way of gaining more quality, extensively great online presence, better technology infrastructure and enriching business executions.

Currently I am a part of some ventures, technology communities and networks, business communities and networks, investor relation networks, self development networks and student networks all over the country of India and the world and striving to solve problems that loosen the progressive impact in our lives by trying to add value by way of creating and bringing something new to the market in terms of product, service, technology and personal development.

I have been working with startups, SMEs, Individuals and companies mostly on IT services and Online Reputation Management, business growth, Marketing, and gaining better results in client interaction and become sustainable. I am highly ambitious to get people their sustainable success which will bring me my success.

When I am not working, I prefer to spend my time helping new entrepreneurs on effectively starting up and inspiring students mostly on how they should be open to learn and explore new things and preach self education. I love playing chess, gaming, researching and exploring new things and writing quotes.

Wake up with a crazy dream, go to bed with a fulfilled reality. - Avish Hakani

  • Work
    • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Education
    • Bachelor Of Management Studies
    • Bachelor Of Computer Applications