Avish Khan

My work is my passion and versatility is scope of working. I am qualified and experienced Chief Graphic Designer who is looking for new challenges.
I have been working with creative designs for several years, and my last job was managing the design department of Advertising Agency . I am passionate about finding creative solutions and, although I’ve worked with many conventional clients, I love create edgy designs.
My work is based on creativity, intelligence and innovation. My goal is to assist clients project as per their need & believe that living in a modern and high-technology world, we always need to create something different, something unique and exiting.
I am a designer with extensive interactive, graphic and web design experience. My personal focus on design is as a creative process, where conceptual strategies can be implemented by way of a specific research approach to build innovative, strong and satisfying products and produce a high quality user experience.
Gained experience by working with talented and passionate people from different disciplines and to obtain a position as designer that will utilize my creative and organizational skills.