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Avis Jones-DeWeever, Ph.D.

Washington, DC

I am one of the fortunate few to know and live my purpose.

Even from my earliest memories, I have been blessed with a

keen sensitivity to injustice and the nerve to speak out when

others fell silent. Today I continue that fight as a social

entrepreneur, President and CEO of Incite Unlimited, LLC, a

consulting firm focused on the advancement of both civil rights

and women's rights. I continue the fight to as a published

author, blogger, political commentator, and speaker to

conferences, colleges, and groups large and small dedicated

to the mission of advancing justice.

Am I an idealist?


But I would rather be an idealist who tried with all her might to

build a better world, than someone who sat meekly on the

sidelines as an eyewitness to injustice with neither the courage

nor the will to do something about it.

  • Work
    • Uncite Unlimited, LLC
  • Education
    • University of Maryland, College Park; Virginia State University