Avi Sujeeth

Change Agent in Austin, Texas

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I help make today’s companies into tomorrow’s by changing how they engage employees and customers. I advocate for a future of work that is based on trust, self-direction and openness. I successfully help clients navigate this change by sharing examples, providing frameworks, and collaborating on events.

I believe that every company starts as a conspiracy to change the world. Unfortunately, as organizations grow, processes often calcify and inertia sets in. As a result, I believe for most people work is an exercise of frustration. By connecting people, I think technology can help answer the biggest challenge we face: who should we work with and what on?

As an employee, I work with companies who strive to empower people. I share early and often with coworkers because value can come from unexpected places.

As a husband and father, I recognize that I affect change through my family. I think children are born learners and in a safe environment can do amazing things. To me, family is an extension of my mission. We are on a journey together; constantly trying to identify what we should work on and who with.

As a volunteer, I look to support people who are exploring their potential and provide support when and where they need it. At St. Vincent DePaul, I believe that my work as caseworker helps families in need get aid early, hopefully enabling them to find sustainable ways to escape poverty.