A VITAL PRoDuction | Avital Stein

Designer in Jerusalem, Israel

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I am the CEO of A Vital Production, a branding and marketing firm, providing services to NGO's and small businesses, as well as being a social entrepreneur, born, raised and based in Israel.

A lover of all things spontaneous, I have a fervent passion for travel, culture, and human collaborations. I had the immense opportunity to Co-Found 'Alma'- First pre army program for women from the periphery in Israel. I also Co- Founded and managed the Youtube Israeli music group- The Fountainheads and currently provide branding and marketing services for NGO's such as The Jewish Agency, One2One, Ein Prat, Life's Door, Zehut and small businesses such as Marsh Dondurma and various artists.

In addition, had an amazing experience being the former spokesman of Ariel University's student union and former emissary of the Jewish Agency in the US.

You are welcome to view the site below belonging to one of my partners, as we provide services to non for profits and businesses based in Israel and the US. http://mindprintmarketing.com/