Artist and Student in Canada

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hi !! i'm austin !! i'm your local canadian transguy (ftm, he/him) !!

i like musicals, anime and drawing !!

please read this if you wish to follow me !!


please don't follow if:

- you're a pedophile/suppoer pedophilia

- a terf

- lgbt+phobic

- anti-kin

- anti-hamilkin

- a trump supporter

- all those other basic bfy things (sexist, racist, etc !!)


i ID/kin with a few characters !! i'm all fictionkin !!

my ids include (please don't follow if you share them, they are me !!) :

- samuel seabury (hamilton: an american musical, not factkin!!)

- bailey gilbert (avialae)

- jason (falsettos)

- blu medic (team fortress 2)

- elder christopher "poptarts" thomas (book of mormon)

primary kin (they're not me, but i strongly identify with them !! feel free to follow if you share !) :

- philip hamilton (hamilton:an american musical, not factkin !!)

- holy roman empire (hetalia)

- evillustrator (miraculous ladybug)

- jonathan bellamy (some sort of hamilton:an american musical-esque canon ! not fackin !!)

secondary kin (i identify with them, but not so much as my primary kins and ids !!) :

- kankri vantas (homestuck)

- kugelmugel (hetalia)

- james madison (hamilton:an american musical, not factkin !!)

feel free to ask me about my memories, i have a lot !!


i have comfort characters !! i love them a lot, and help me calm down when needed and make me feel happy !! please follow if you're them!!

- elder connor mckinley (book of mormon)

- king george william frederick the third of the united kingdom and ireland (hamilton:an american musical, not factkin !!)

- austria (hetalia)

- italy (hetalia)

- georges washington de lafayette (hamilton: an american musical, not factkin !!)

- mendel (falsettos)


thank you for reading this all !! please dm me "sammy seabass" and i'll accept you !! <3