Aviya Slutzky

Nyc, New York

As a kid growing up in New York City, I learned to always be curious of my surroundings. I soon became a rock climber (not an actual rock climber, but more of a rock climber in central park), lego player, traveler, and dancer. While I play less lego than I did then, I am always on the look out for the next adventure. I'm alo a big fan of to do lists and is currently tackling my 101 things to do in NYC (see link below to check it out).

I earned my bachelor's degree in International Relations and Economics from Tufts University. During which, I had a 6 month stint in Hong Kong, where I studied and explored the underground political art scene. Fascinated by the intersection between design and strategy, political change and art, I made my way through roles as a museum education docent to a digital advertising analyst at Digitas.

Today, I focus my energy on leveraging technology to mobilize people around some of the hardest political and social issues with some of the brightest minds in the city.

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