Alexander Laryushkin

I like sports and I always participate in all types of activities. I am a leader in the classroom and trying to be a problem solver in all situations. For all my teachers I am a good student and I am very responsible student too. I am trying to take people through the success and try to help poor people. If somebody has a problem I will always try to help them. I am trying to work hard until I have a result and success in my life. I am very energetic. I like engineering specially programing confusing programs at computer. I always help my family to set up and program computers. I like to take extreme rides. Such as Aerosmith, Rip and rock it ride and Space ride at NASA. They are very cool rides but sometimes very scary. I like to be with my parents and grandparents. I am helping my family a lot by grades and by helping them to do something. I like Miami Heat basketball team. I play basketball sometimes when I have time for it. I like snowmobiling. I have a blue snowmobile. But I can only do it in Russia at the winter break. So when it is summer I miss snowmobiles a lot. I like to seat in new cars and fix them.. Of course I cannot fix complicated problem but I can try to do something about it. I love cars and I hope it will be my hobby in the future. The most importent thing is that I like to build computers.

"The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today."
- Elbert Hubbard.