Avni Gupta

Ghaziabad, India

I am a self motivated zealous tekkie geek, who love to hog on tech journals. I keep on searching latest stuffs and then filter them out neither in a queue nor in a stack, it is according to my interest ;)

Being technical, i am creative too. I am a kathak dancer with 6 years of experience. Even i am good in arts n crafts which i inherited from my mother. :)

I am highly inspired from the Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg as she sets the best example of how successfully a woman can lead this tech world.

I remain updated with the tech blog of TOI, Google products and events (Google I/O), Facebook technologies (fb adb, react|Flux, autoscale, HDFS RAID), tech magazines (Digit, open source for you) and news feed (CNET). I have a good command on Android OS, phone sensors and keep exploring android apps.

All this help me in building new plans and ideas as recently me amd my team developed an android app "ResQ", which is listed on Google playstore. Through my learning on HDFS, I found it is disadvantageous in terms of storage for replicated data, but FB research developed HDFS Raid to solve it.

Learning new things is like an adventure for me with so many ups and downs i finally be able to do it and if i won't then i get more happy atleast i am exploring more ways ;)

  • Education
    • St. Teresa's Academy, Modinagar
    • Dayawati Modi Public School, Modinagar
    • ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad