a.v. o'brien


Ordinary? No. Miles from living on the edge? Yes. Mothers of wonderful children and blessed with excellent husbands, we like to sneak away every now and then to have a girls-only adventure. We love our girls' weekends and look forward to our next trip before the current trip is even over. Living in south Alabama, we take pride in our roots. We love to dress up, shop often and eat good. We are never ever on time. Come on! Finding the time to write, be a mother and a wife, shop and do the things a girl must do is hard with professional full time jobs. We are not your typical sit behind your desk and ground away on your ten-key type though. We like to think that we add personality to the boring business world! We're just your typical laugh at each other till we cry type of women, contraditions within ourselves, maybe even a little batshit crazy at times, but always best friends!

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