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I am most graciously appreciative of those that drop by, for they're are so many creative, imaginative, worldly people on this site that you came to either read my profile, or view my photos; to you I say "thank you."

For those that I inspire; I say, " I am honored." But it is you that inspires me to keep working, creating, opening myself up to what comes to me, and giving you LOVE. For love is the greatest gift of all. I feel that I am finding myself probably for the first time in my life with my writing.

This is a passage from my first published book, "You Get What You Pay For" by Lady M on I am a published author with iTunes - Fiction & Literature--Erotica: "Charles and I have a good time when I come to see him and then I have to get back to business. He had ask me different times for me to give it up, but finally convinced him that if he kept asking he wouldn’t see me anymore. That was Charles’ Achilles heel, for he loved how I sexed him and that I was not going to be with anyone else but him when I was in town.Being with Charles this time was different, for he was in a certain mood I couldn’t put my finger on. Even when he called me he had a bit of urgency in his voice. Sitting with him now he seemed calm. We were served lunch and more to drink from our attentive waiter. I always made it a point to make them feel good by complimenting them on there service......" I hope you enjoy it.

My stories are of love, passion, eroticism, or messages to you if they speak to you. Example of some of my writing skills in link below, but not all. Always remember-- I am a writer and I get my ideas from many avenues, aspects of life, and imagination. It would be a great privilege to be a freelance writer for a magazine that reaches out to my fellow women, but most definitely a published author. My photography work is done by my creative eyes and my iPhone5s.I have found that writing keeps my mind alive, healthy, and stimulated. I am enjoying it thoroughly.Peace to all!

Thank you in advance if you invest in my book. If you just want to drop me a note of "Hello!", you are most welcomed to.

Peace 🌹📖

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