Avomeen Analytical Services

Avomeen Analytical Services is a full-service chemical testing laboratory specializing in investigative analysis, deformulation, emergency services, and expert witness testimony.

Solving Your Toughest Problems: Everything Avomeen does, from the design of our facilities, to the development of our management team, to the daily operations of our laboratory staff, revolves around finding answers for our clients’ toughest problems.

Complete Customer Satisfaction: Avomeen scientists customize the analytical process to your specific needs. We make sure that our customers are kept informed and updated throughout the testing process. Also, our scientists consistently deliver clear, complete reports, including all raw data, spectra, chromatographs, and a description of any analytical methods used.

State of the Art Instrumentation: From our newly renovated headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we use a proven set of analytical services to solve a wide range of technical problems. Our PhD scientists remain up-to-date with the most sophisticated instrumentation, methods, and technical developments, and can suggest additional studies that may help you with taking your product further.

Custom Methods and Analysis: Avomeen is always committed to providing the client with customized solutions, and constantly stays updated on the newest methods and instrumentation.

Mission Statement: We strive to provide quality testing services to help scientific, technology, and manufacturing companies compete in the global market.