Rahman Stewart

Consultant, Agent, and Manager in Quincy, Florida

Rahman Stewart is the CEO and founder of Avow Booking and Communications.

In keeping with the powerful definition of “avow,” which means to assert, declare, and proclaim, Rahman is committed to utilizing every resource and skill to place clients in front of the movers and shakers that will help catapult them to their desired level of exposure and success.

Rahman is respected and recognized for his business acumen, and has played an integral role in helping organizations and individuals succeed in reaching their goals and their audiences.

He has founded multiple small businesses in Florida and North Carolina, and plays a leading role in community empowerment in communities like Dale County, Alabama and Gadsden County, Florida.

With experience as the booking and PR agent for such clients as one of Hip Hop’s most celebrated icons, Christopher “Play” Martin; innovative digital news provider, B-Newz; empowerment guru Jackie Webb; author and national expert Anthony E. Dixon; and visionary leader Clark Crawford, Rahman’s work and accomplishments reveal his passion for achieving maximum results.

He has also served as an influential member of the board of directors for the multi-million dollar Community Economic Development Organization and as a marketing consultant and committee chair for one of the nation’s top “Blue Ribbon” Charter Schools – Crossroad Academy.

Rahman is also a visionary. Due to client demand and an understanding of the ever-changing landscape of marketing and communications, Rahman developed Avow, a provider that has zeroed in on the most requested areas of service - booking, management, consulting, marketing.

Rahman is also passionate about helping today’s young people succeed in life, and currently serves as a youth and young adult pastor for The Body of Christ, Inc.

Rahman holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Systems Analysis from the University of Phoenix and additional degrees in civil engineering technology, and drafting and design from Tallahassee Community College, respectively.

Rahman best sums up his business philosophy with the following inspirational quote from Sir Thomas Watson, “To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

Photo: Macork Solutions (Michael Cork)

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