Avril is an experienced screenwriter and director. Multi-skilled, multi-tasker.

Avril's short DIRTY BLONDE recently featured at the 10th BROAD HUMOR festival in Venice Beach, CA. She is developing an adaptation of a novel, as well as writing her own original series. In between everything else, she is completing her latest feature film.She ghosts and polishes for other writers and mentors in a bizarrely random way which has led to fruitful collaborations with people as far afield as Mississippi and Louisiana. Her shorts have been shown on TV and at film festivals around the world, from Manchester to Milan, Los Angeles to Leeds, Nottingham to somewhere else beginning with N. Generously referred to by some as "Britain's Shonda Rhimes" A gamer, and a self-confessed sci-floving geek, she writes across multiple genres, with a particular interest in war (take your pick), action, espionage, and sex. She also revels in ordinary everyday horror.She has been writing a novel "The World of Jeremy" for 13 years and there is no end in sight. She survives in the wilds of Scotland with a husband, several children and some kind of wild dog.


"I can't tell you my history, without name-dropping, so suck it up."Avril was prodigiously discovered in the early 90s by the then-Script Editor Hilary Salmon through the reading of a Bleasdale-inspired urban cat and mouse spec thriller, GRIP. Although amber-lit it was ultimately unproduced, but nonetheless, Avril rose quickly to writing for prime time TV by the age of 23. Among the staple of police dramas were THE BILL and BACK-UP, the latter show created by novelist, Producer and fellowNottinghamian Nigel McCrery (Born and Bred, Silent Witness, New Tricks). She meanwhile continued writing and directing short films, working out of the legendary and lamented facility and training house INTERMEDIA, which has produced Laura Smith, Chris Cooke and Shane Meadows. Avril counts the late greats Jack Rosenthal and Alan Plater as early mentors - met through Lenny Henry's production company Crucial Films, and will forever value their celebration of the writer's "voice". Through Crucial, she directed two monologues for their series "STILL HERE" and contributed labyrinthine comic-thriller "REVOLVER" for the CRUCIAL TALES anthology series. Both REVOLVER and DISTINCTION went to US festivals. DISTINCTION was Avril's first "official" short shot for Central TV's FIRST