Avril Somerville

Writer and Publisher in Pennsylvania

Avril Somerville

Writer and Publisher in Pennsylvania

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I am a writer.

I am the author of A Journey Of Life On Purpose: Creativity, Love, Womanhood, Community, Race, and Identity and owner of SomerEmpress Publishing, Inc. You can find my blog home here.

I believe that there is always room for your story. My sincere hope is that in daring to tell my own story, I have encouraged someone else to do the same. My book, A Journey Of Life On Purpose, is a reflective read of personal essays and poetry; together, they tackle the intersectionality of identity, creativity, spirituality, and community. It is but one woman's account of what it means to live an intentional life.

#WhyWeMustWrite: I believe wholeheartedly that we all have powerful stories, many of which remain untold. I believe firmly in the ridiculously transformative power of language! As such, I help to transform lives through public speaking and writing workshops through which I help others to bare and share their truths through writing.

Ultimately, I want others to experience the breakthroughs that they deserve in order to live meaningful lives. I am ever-inspired by our unlimited potential as divine beings; my purpose as a writer is to extract this potential through the writing process.

Whether I am sharing a bit of this journey at a middle school, my alma mater, or at a Fortune 500 company, my #TransformativeTalks help others to experience personal breakthroughs that allow them to develop his/her own narrative through writing.

To book me for a #TransformativeTalk, author reading, or writing workshop please go here.


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    • SomerEmpress Publishing, Inc.
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    • Swarthmore College
    • Pennsylvania State University, University Park