Avtex L216DRS

The go-to company for quality travel and leisure TV/DVD products for the past 25 years, Avtex Ltd. understands that consumers want to take their TV viewing on the road in their caravan, motorhome, or boat. , Avtex Ltd. believes in providing superior products for all of their customers. Because of this, Avtex designs its products with durability and ease of use in mind. Their TVs, DVDs, and combos, such as the Avtex L216DRS HD TV/DVD Combo, are built to withstand the rigours of travel, such as vibration, jostling.

Customers who want to take their favourite TV shows, movies, and videos along with them find that the ability of the Avtex L216DRS HD TV/DVD Combo to receive and display satellite, Freeview, and terrestrial broadcasts suits their needs. In addition to being able to display live broadcasts, the Avtex L216DRS features two USB ports, two HDMI connections, and headphone/AV out connections, making it a versatile AV solution to consumers' travel needs.

Plug the Avtex L216DRS into the vehicle's 12/24v power outlet, then discover how easy the AQT (Avtex Quick Tune) one-button tuner makes finding local broadcast signals. For consumers who wish to record their favourite programming to view after a busy day abroad find that the L216DRS allows pre-set recording to a USB storage device. Thanks to Avtex's high-quality LCD/LED screens, viewers enjoy a sharp and clear picture, seen from any angle, with no bright or dead pixels.

The sleek, modish design of all Avtex products is worthy of display, and the Avtex L216DRS includes a tabletop stand, as well as wall mounting hardware, enabling the user to choose a viewing preference. There is no need for Avtex TVs, DVDs, and combos to sit idle between vacations, as they are compatible with household 240v current, making them a great choice for home, office, or dorm, room.