Auvenida Peña


I am expecting to graduate California State University of San Bernardino in Fall of 2013 with a major in Communications. I have studied diligently in both the Human and Mass communication aspects. These concentrations have given me insight on the level of communication and understandings of the different methods of communication. Professionalism, respect, and sustaining a positive attitude are values I have picked up along the way.
Throughout the years I have worked in organizations with key skills that I have adopted and made my own. I have worked since I was 15 and I am very proud of that fact. I am not afraid of “elbow grease” and no job is too small at this point in my life.I plan to utilize my skills that I have learned in work and school to make me the ideal employee. I cannot say that I choose one profession over another because I value the service that each position provides. I love the major that I have chosen and I feel the possibilities are endless for me.

  • Work
    • BPC Media Works and California State Univesity