Awais Ali

Awais Ali started his BS in Aerospace Engineering from IST. In last year of his BS he developed a keen interest in the subject of Aerodynamics and specially Computational Fluid Dynamics. He started working for National Space Agency of Pakistan (SUPARCO), just one month after the completion of this bachelor in Sep 2007.

BS was never an end to education in his mind. In Oct 2010, he decided to join Masters program in Computational Engineering with Technical Applied Field of Thermo-Fluid Dynamics. His choice for Computational Engineering was obviously because of his interest in CFD, and specially to develop oneself in a multi-cultural international program was an exciting idea to him.
Awais is finished with his course work at the moment and he is working on a thesis titled "Numerical Simulation of Whistling Cylinder" at LSTM, Erlangen. He is looking for new and exciting opportunities for research/job in industry/academia.