Slovenia, Ljubljana

I'm a wanna be graphic designer (still working on my final degree) who is chasing the shadows of a forgotten world around us.

I love technology, but sometimes I just wished to live in a medieval time, where storytelling and candles were just part of a normal evening. :-)

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Things I enjoy:

Travel- sleeping under the stars somewhere on the baltic beach.

Photography- getting a crunch of twisting my body under the arches of the castles to get the perfect picture.

Cooking and Baking- Is there anything better than the smell of chocolate cookies, just taken out of the oven?

Books- Why live only one life, when you can live thousands!

LARP- It doesn't matter if I'm a Harad healer, an orc shaman or a elven warrior. When the 'Time In' begins, I'm living my favourite world...

Music and concerts- just put your hands up in the air and jump!

J.R.R.Tolkien- Because of his beautiful writings I met sooo many wonderful people around Europe, start creating my own stories and arts and found the one soul that completes me.

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