Avi Wazana

Van Nuys, CA

Avi Wazana serves as the CEO of Wazana Brothers International, a company he formed with his brother Yoel Wazana. It all began when Yoel started his company Micro Solutions Enterprise in 1994. Avi first began consulting Yoel while still working his sales and marketing jobs for high end distributors of jewelry, serving as a Vice President among other roles. As the company grew over time Avi was able to commit more and more time to the project and soon in 1998 was named the companies CEO. It was quite the journey to profitability but MSE has since become one of the driving forces of their industry.
Since his arrival at Micro Solutions Enterprises and the forming of Wazana Brothers International, the company has seen impressive growth. That idea he and his brother had over 20 years ago has really blossomed into a major company of almost 1000 employees to this day.