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All Australian employees regardless of who they work for, or the size of the company, have rights to be protected from discrimination; sexual harassment; occupational health and safety hazards including bullying; unjust demotion or reduction in benefits; and in most circumstances, unfair dismissal.

There is a lot of confusion about how industrial relations laws and the Fair Work Act works. If you have been dismissed, regardless of the size of the employer and regardless of the circumstances, call us today and we'll discuss the matter in a free phone consultation.

The dispute provisions in the Fair Work Act are wide ranging and a lot more user friendly than they used to be. If you are being sexually harassed, discriminated against, or feel your employment contract has been breached, you may be able to lodge a industrial relations dispute, or an equal opportunity/human rights claim.

We represent clients who have been discriminated against in employment, education, the provision of goods and services, and contract work. In Australia you are protected from discrimination on the basis of:

- race
- sex
- age
- disability
- sexual orientation
- marital status
- breastfeeding
- employment activity
- gender identity
- industrial activity
- lawful sexual activity
- parental status or status as a carer
- physical features
- political belief or activity
- pregnancy
- religious belief or activity
- personal association (whether as a relative or otherwise) with a person who is identified by reference to any of the above attributes
- criminal record

As Australia's premier non-lawyer employee representatives, We give honest advice, and put all our energy into getting the best outcome for you. We only represent employees not employers, so our firm does not have conflicts of interest. Call us today!""

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