Awdren Fontão

Manaus, Amazonas

I'm a Developer Evangelist with experience in: Coaching, support, engagement of developers and companies! Apps, Porting of Apps, Tops Apps and Success Developers!

Master student in Computer Science focused on Software Ecosystem, Developers, Developer Profile, App Development Trainings, App Quality and Level of Software Ecosystems.

Develops an approximate work with developers of mobile applications in the Nokia Ecosystem toward the Windows Phone and Asha platform. Aiming to bring a developer of any level of experience to walk a long way in helping Nokia Ecosystem expansion. Besides providing consultancy to companies who want to port their applications for Nokia platforms within the ecosystem. Has experience in the area of Computer Science, working mainly on the following topics: SECOS- Software Ecosystems, Software development for mobile devices, HCI and UCD.

  • Work
    • Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia - INdT
  • Education
    • CEFET-AM
    • Federal University of Amazonas