Akiva Weinberger

When you are moving clearly on your own unique course, you find that happiness is not only achieving your goal - it is the journey itself. I feel fortunate that my energy and drive to succeed in a variety of endeavors make life very fulfilling. While I currently work as a Freelance Design Consultant / Graphic Designer in the greater NY metro area, my passion via previous positions has centered on marketing and design, with a specific proficiency in producing merchandise sold in national chain stores. Having traveled across the US and even to the Far East to personally oversee the design and development of products, I am committed to see projects through to fruition. I enjoy the excitement of meeting new people, especially to develop contacts for mutually profitable business ventures. For instance, when working for a large importer, we created custom designs for events for clients like MGM Mirage and the Bellagio in Las Vegas. We even created leather charger plates for a Harley-Davidson-themed event. Also an avid tech user, I pride myself on knowing the latest tech news and gadgets, attending tech-related events whenever possible and researching companies to discover important trends. After work, I keep busy with extreme sports, like snowboarding, enjoying the exhilaration of the great outdoors. Equally thrilling in a totally different realm is my volunteer work for Kids of Courage, a non-profit dedicated to uplifting the lives of seriously or terminally ill children around the country by offering them amazing programs and trips. Friends comment that my varied interests reflect both my serious, intellectual side and my personable, funny side. I am proud of my accomplishments, both professional and personal, and hope to keep developing all the experiences that define my path for my own growth and to enhance businesses.