Mike Elliott

Comedian in Bendigo, Australia

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Early in 1999, a guy from Bendigo Australia decided to start a box factory. On the day cardboard was scheduled to arrive, the delivery truck dropped off music equipment instead. He was pretty laid back so he just began writing songs. The songs were about Pop Culture, Cat Videos and Vegetarian Zombie’s. They were made up of verses, choruses, bridges, and an occasional musical interlude.

It’s difficult to pigeon-hole Mike’s music into a certain genre of music. Picture if he was in a band that sounds like a mix between Midnight Oil, The Beatles, and old school Bon Jovi. Now picture a second band that sounds like Eddie Vedder, Folk Music, Josh Groban, and Animal (from The Muppet’s). Now picture a cover band of the second band mentioned. Now picture a rival cover band of the first cover band who isn’t quite as talented and refers to themselves as a tribute band. That describes Mike Elliott’s music.

Mike Elliott is an accomplished musician. He can play a number of instruments including Drums, Keyboard, Electric & Acoustic guitars and incorporates this into his performances. He has opened for numerous comedians including Troy Kinne. You will find him at most open mic and comedy nights in Bendigo.

When not doing comedy gigs, Mike can be found eating Skittles. During pre and post Skittles eating, Mike is probably writing songs or spending time with his family. If none of the above applies, you might find him at home deciding which shirt accurately reflects his mood today.