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Ajay Mishra

New Delhi. India

I am Ajay (AJ), an inspirational writer, law of attraction expert and life coach. I am helping, supporting, guiding people around the Globe to live their Dreams. My guidance and teaching are easy, effortless and life-changing and that's why my friends branded me as "Awesome AJ" for spreading awesomeness into everyone's life.

My soul inspiring website bringing joy and motivation to people across the globe.

With my expertise of Law of Attraction, Human Thought Pattern and Universal Way of working I am helping and guiding thousands of people across the globe in achieving their dreams, healing their soul, harmonizing their relationship, creating magnificent success at job and studies, magnetizing abundance of wealth, restoring complete health and bringing the gift of love in their lives.

I offer a Life-changing Online Course "28 Magical Practice" to bring happiness into people's life with power of gratitude.

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