Alan Wilensky

analyst in Boston, Massachusetts

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I'm a hands-on technology industry sector advocate. I work with closely held small to mid-sized companies that are all visionary-owners, engineer-scientist founders - all are inspired and driven creative people doing wholly original work in technology. These folks are, 'to-the-manner born innovators'; they continually invent, improve, and are always and everywhere designing and "seeing" - all the time.

The companies I contract for deliver concentrated technology based solutions to technical vertical markets, or Enterprise IT and most surely B2B IT - where innovation has been rare indeed. All of my clients without exception deliver the most timely, inspired technology tools, systems, and services.

The technology sub sectors my client's compete in have been mortally harmed, by the erstwhile sector leaders - the laggards, I am sure you get the picture.

My client's products, services and systems are reliably impeccable, they put the largest PE soaked competitors to shame.....the only thing they lack is scale.

Arriving mostly whole in 2015, these clients in my portfolio shall attain their scale this year. They have been marketing against laggard incumbents of the worst order, it fell to my hands to assist them in the climb to recognition above the noise barrier, and the proper type of attention has catalyzed their considerable might and creativity. They should be commended *- and the honor was mine, as I learned a great deal from these leaders.

As a rule these client companies are not startups, they are rather mature, profitable, and well run. I act as internal advocate and flow into external evangelist or a point by point deal maker-finder. Visionary big think Founders and CEO's need an outsider to hearthem. and reflect their ideas on Product lifecycle and service maturity into scalable and actionable campaigns .

I focus on B2B Capital Line of business supply chain services, a few specialized hardware sectors such as Test & Measurement, Specialized Radio data communications, and workforce management. I practice disciplined industry relations when launching partner recruitment campaigns, or developer evangelism programs.

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