Alexis Wilson

Atlanta, Georgia

Speaking about myself is difficult. Not the upper layers and masks that I allow other to see. I'm talking about the soft, inner, child-like part of me that I've kept hidden and asleep: the essence of ME. At the mid life review, I found things lacking, left out and little within myself. I found the fear that has always been there, living silent and deadly like a cancer. Unhappy within despite the many blessings showering down upon me without. Noticing, for the first time, I am valuable. So, I woke up. I took deep breaths...and even deeper breaths, feeding fresh air into the dark cave that is my old inner...breathing new life into ME. I have awakened. The fear is still there, but now I am facing it, a small step leading to bigger steps. I am choosing honesty, even if it is painful. I'm finally allowing myself to just be.

I am awake. This is my journey....