Andrea Wise

Provo, Ut

Andrea Wise

Provo, Ut

In my dreams,

Las Vegas holds a street dedicated specifically to me, miss Andrea Wise.

On this street, the sun is constantly shining, creating a warming comfort to all those who happen upon it.

Made of cobblestone and lined with pink flowers - convertibles would be the only car fitting enough to make an appearance.

Shops like Kate Spade and Burberry would adorn this street, accompanied naturally by an ice cream store whose only flavor would be peppermint.

Dogs would always be more than welcome here.

Those who frequent this fine street would know Andrea Wise personally due to her love of friends and family.

Her name would always bring certain words to mind – such as genuine, hard working, and dependable – much like the businesses that adorn this street.

Advertisements, of course, would be a key feature on this fine road.

Things like Travel London, Justin Timberlake, and Apple’s new iPad mini would be advertised throughout.

Her passion for advertising is definitely not subdued.

It allows her to be organized, creative, and detail oriented – which, in turn, enables her to be herself and do exactly what she loves.

Suddenly, I wake up...

– this street resides inside of me!