the name's aera (ayeruh) , they call me juliet tho. idek. ok. so. same birthday as selena so i am her.
i’m asian, but i’m not good at math srsly i dont like math.
demi is my queen
and justin is my dream.
i lvoe saying omg, i say it all the time
and i’m rlly typo. leik tihs.
hmmm. also one direction is my life
and ariana grande ugh
im not vegan but all my friends are, im srs.
i like meat, burgers donuts and food.
and i fvcking lvoe coffee and tea.
i love reading tho.
school makes me sad.
hmm im ugley. heee
but adorable. idek. smfh
im not at good at this so.
but btw im a geek and a big dork.
and im takun bakun
he must be dunk tbh. but ya i love him so dont touch him.
im weird a’f.
ok bye.