Awkward Eliza

So it's time for me to start this blog. I've spent half a day trying to work out wordpress and designing my "about me! which is very confusing for not so little me.

I am 6ft tall for all those stalker like people who like to know the ins and outs, the every scrap of detail they can get when reading a strangers blog.

I've already made the mistake of actually typing like there is going to be someone reading this hunk of junk! If i cant be asked to read/find other blogs then why expect others to do so for me, A sad boring teenager, i mean adult as I am now 18!!!!

The whole purpose of my wordpress name of awkward eliza is because i hate awkward situations and try my best to avoid them yet i always manage to get into awkward stuff. If anything trying to avoid the awkwardness of something creates an even more awkward situation. If you understood that then i will give you an A for effort! And if you didnt understand that, well... i dont blame you!

I have finshed college and on the hunt for a full time job, no im not just bumming about at home, well... not always as i do have a part time job on the weekend! But i need something to do with my time, well something more constructive than watching netflixs.

Anyway, I have long blonde hair with blue/sometimes greenish eyes. Speaking of eyes, i am a 4 eyes, have been since year 6! I not so skinny, just a bit chubby but my height hides that! I use to have a passion for basketball but that stopped when i stopped secondary schoool! I'm now into baking and knitting! No jokes, Knitting is very relaxing!

I have an unhealthy addiction to coca cola and cake! And all the unhealthy foods. Thanks for that cruel world! And I've recently learnt i have a bigger head than what's considered average size as i can never find a summer hat to fit round my fat head... thanks again cruel world and parents! As if i need a fat head aswell!!!

I guess for now, you'll have to get to know me through my blogging on wordpress, dependant on if i can actually continue with it or if not, then just assume i gave up with making myself seem like an idiot and spend the rest of my days watching tv, drinking coke and eating cake! Not that it would bother or interest you anyway! LOL

Goodbye for now

Awkward Eliza.

P.s That wasnt too awkward now i suppose!

Oh the irony!