Allyn Jacobs

Hainesville IL

I am an IT Professional, that has been working in the industry since 2008. I have had experience in a wide range of break/fix and administration of Windows server tasks. I have found I have a strong desire to optimize that which has been labeled as "good enough" to make things excel. I enjoy learning new skills, and unlocking the power and abilities that come from it. I am starting to tinker with Powershell at this point in time, and am looking forward to finding new ways to optimize workflows.

I take a surprising enjoyment from imaging, and currently leverage MDT for this purpose. I am looking forward to expanding to a MDT/WDS hybrid setup, to see if this will increase effectiveness, and decrease overall deployment timeframes.

In my freelancing world, I focus on removing the friction points. I find everyone has some friction when it comes to technology, and I like to get rid of those. I had a client who spent hours a day managing email, due to it's poor configurations across his workflow. I spent a weekend to migrate 4 different email accounts into one google apps account, configured unconditional forwarding to the google apps account, and showed him how out all ties thru the iPhone. Now he has hours a day that can be spent making money, instead of managing emails.

I am also a Kink Aware Professional, and look forward to work with clients of all types and all needs. Regardless of what you need, reach out to me. Anything that should be out of my wheelhouse, I have a collaborative group of people that I can reach out to, and ensure things get done correctly the first time.

  • Work
    • AWMTech
  • Education
    • Maine East High School
    • Oakton Community College