Allen Wolfkill

Southern California, United States

I have been on my spiritual path and the Red Road since 1990. In 1992 I was introduced to Wallace Black Elk through family. Wallace soon became my Teacher/Medicine-Man and remained until his death in 2001. Wallace taught me the ways of the Wambli Gleska (Spotted Eagle) Inipi. This tradition goes back to Sitting Bull who's alter featured "The Spotted Eagle". This Inipi has a perpetual Hocoka (Alter) in Pine Ridge South Dakota under the protection of my family.

I became a Sundance-Dancer in 1993 and continue in that tradition today with my Uncle Gerald Ice in Wounded Knee. I am member of Tokala's (Warrior Society) and a Tokala Leader since 1999.

I am currently an Addiction and Chemical Dependency Counseling.

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