Sarah Casey

This women's only program will be located in a nice area in a home/ household setting. Each woman will be interviewed and given a treatment plan individualized for each specific situation. I expect the program to extend about one year, once again due to each individual plan for success back to life. There will be rules that apply to everyone,Vaughan chores, random drug screens, curfew etc... of course, rent will be paid, however, a grace period will be given to locate one. All resources I can find considered the variety of cases, I will provide. It is their own reasonably to access and use threm. Ideally, living in a large homey setting will also provide more feelings of comfort and safety to help motivate these women as we'll as companionship. There will be standard rules for everyone to follow such as chores, drug tests, some form of counseling etc...I have wanted to build something similar to this for years and years. Women need to stick together instead of always completing and putting each other down.