AWP Wood Products

Wood products distribution in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

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In addition to producing top-notch millwork and molding, AWP Wood Products distributes hardwood plywood, timber, and other building materials. Along with its physical facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, the business also provides, an online catalog for those working in the custom cabinet sector. Our customers can "do business with us once and for all" thanks to our platform. The largest distribution areas for AWP are spread throughout a number of states, including Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, and Texas.

In order to give clients the best products available, AWP partners with plywood and lumber suppliers who are leaders in their respective fields and purchases about 9 million board feet of hardwood lumber annually. Hard and soft maple, poplar, FAS red oak, and 4/4 KD wood from the North and the Appalachians are among the often purchased materials. The company also buys about 50 containers of exotic lumber, 50 to 75 truckloads of MDF, and close to 500 truckloads of hardwood plywood on average per year. Almost 45 truckloads of Poplar and Red Oak gang-ripped blanks are frequently secured by AWP each year.