Axel Tackett

Hey. What's up? The name is Axel Tackett. My life is based on learning. I never stop learning. I have 2 PhDs in music, and physics and a masters in oncology, while I'm about to start getting my degree in theater. In life I have one goal. Live my life to where I am never disappointed in myself. My birthday is January 5th. I am 24. I am a non-denominational Christian, and a conservative republican. I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. My parents names are Denisa and Jonathan (A.K.A Dr. J). I went to Carter Schools in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, all my life. I graduated valedictorian. I then moved to North Carolina to further my education at Duke University. After I graduated I spent the next year in New York City trying to become famous by busking or playing for money on the streets, and I worked at Roxy's Delicatessen. This life was much different for me so this week of January 23rd I have officially decided to move back to Knoxville and get a teaching position at Carter High School while trying to become famous. I will be on the third season of The Voice. I love children, especially teenagers. I currently live in Union County, Tennessee, Maynardville, and I am working as the teen director for the Boys and Girls Club of Kodak. May God Bless you all and the next time you hear of me I will be selling concert tickets and albums on all over the world.