Axel Eriksson

Lisbon, Portugal

Work as a local guide in Lisbon and all Portugal, as well study Tourism. I am always open to new work as freelancing guide, especially for groups clients orgien from Sweden and from Norway. I had been working in Portugal for long time which gave me great knowledge and experience of the country, its culture, and its nature, all with a perspective from the Scandinavian point of view which can be a good use for visitors who make their time well spent on their vacation. This gives the clients a great experiences and I will help them find the pearls of Portugal which not been usual for the tourists especially the Scandinavians demands.With a preference of walking tours in city or in on trails in the nature in the fantastic Lisbon surroundings, although bus tours and visits in museums are also acceptable. From all the experiences I have, I can provide the travelers a extensive knowledge of portuguese culture, arquitecture, flora, fauna,geology etc. also on the Portugals' archipelagos (Azores and Madeira) as well as knowledge of Portugal's history and art, which is all a great interest for me.

  • Work
    • Tour Guide
  • Education
    • Vägga Gymnasieskola
    • ULHT - Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias
    • Högskolan Dalarna
    • Högalids Folkhögskola