Axenic Systems

Axenic System Clean room is one of the leading companies engaged in architectural designing, planning, installation, cleanroom devices, commissioning & turnkey construction services for cleanroom systems and devices.

Our product range includes Air System, Flush Doors & Windows, Biological Safety Cabinets, Pass Boxes / Hatches, Laminar Flow, Cleanroom Systems and Devices and Cleanrooms. These products are used in semiconductor processing, aerospace research, electronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, hospitals and defense research industries, where it is must to control airborne particulate contamination.

With the support of our team of committed professionals and project managers, we offer quality services ranging from designing, planning to turnkey construction for cleanroom facilities. In addition, our company offers services for covings, monolithic seamless epoxy and PVC floorings, silicone filling of pencil joints, polysulphide, and polyurethane and epoxy cleanroom paintings.