Millie Fletcher

Businesses nowadays need a credit card, whether you like it or not. Funding it is another big problem. Capital and maintenance is what is crucial in keeping a business credit card, a cost which some owners could not afford.

When you ever find yourself in the market for small business credit card hunting, Axis Capital Business Funding, one of the credit sources for new entrepreneurs in the United States, the following are the tips that you can consider:

1. Remember that your Personal Credit Card will also be checked

It is best to check your own credit card and make sure your credit is in good shape. It would also matter to have a high credit score. Review if there are errors, and if you do find errors or if you have been victimized by identity fraud, it is important to report it and get them fixed it.

2. Don’t pick a card just for the awesome sign-up bonus

Running a small business isn’t a game, however, and when you’re getting started, every dollar – every penny, in fact – is a big deal.

3. Make sure your card fits the nature of your business and your lifestyle

A couple starting a bakery in Jakarta, Indonesia got a credit card with high limit but they were not able to consider their spending discipline.

4. Use your credit card for record keeping

One of the main reasons for getting a small business credit card is record keeping. Separating your personal and your business expenses makes things easier on you, especially at tax time – and many small business credit cards offer extra tools to help you