Axl Vinck

Student in The Hague, Netherlands

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Hey there, I’m Axl. I’m a student living in The Hague, Netherlands. My main interests consist of soccer, fitness, and entrepreneurship. Beside that, I used to be Aruba's youth chess champion from 2007-2009.

Among my skillset is the ability to communicate. I have excellent communication skills and I am fluent in 5 different languages. These languages are Papiamento, Spanish, English, Dutch and French. This means that I am able to work in a number of different countries.

Besides that, I have worked for different companies in numerous sectors. I have had jobs in Hospitality, Retail, Logistics and Sales. This is indicative of the job experience that I have.

I have collected a number of accolades and acknowledgements for different times that I have stepped up as an employee. For instance, last year I was nominated for employee of the quarter at my old job at The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba.

Futhermore, all my chess playing years have contributed to my creativity and problem solving skills. When in project groups I am usually the one who is in charge of coming up with new and innovative products or creative solutions to any kind of problems.

My fitness lifestyle also embodies the self-discipline and determination that I possess. I work out on every day except sundays and follow a very strict diet plan.

My desire to be an entrepreneur can be traced back to my roots as my parents and grandparents all have their own businesses. Moreover, I am currently working on creating an entirely new restaurant concept with my friends which will focus on the growing fitness industry.