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Axel Folz


Axel is a passionate, driven and versatile indivdual. He is an aspiring world traveler, an individual that will not let obstacles come between him and achieving what he's set out to be. He is a jack of all trades, dabbling in all experiences to discover whats new and cool.

Axel's career has been driven by understanding what drives consumers in many different markets and cultures around the world. He thrives in marketing analysis and strategizing campaigns that are meant to engage the customer through all the noise.

Axel is full of diverse ideas that are meant to be heard. Whether it be in business or whether it be in philanthropy and helping those in need. Axel has determined that his life will mean something and that he won't just be another ordinary brick in the road.

Axel's name says it all, to be different, to be wild, to be free.

  • Work
    • AJ Madison
  • Education
    • St John's University