Claes Axstål

Photographer in Sverige

Claes Axstål

Photographer in Sverige

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Dear friends of Photography,

My specialty is to illuminate boats & aircraft in real life, this we do with a purpose built photo-flash-system.

At dawn of the new millennium I brought flash photography to new heights and first proved my Airborne Flash Photography for the aviation industry and that with the same distinct uniqueness I ones pioneered flash photography of skiers in the high mountains.

The one-of-its-kind n' state-of-the-art 250 kg flash equipment is not only shielded electromagnetically for operation on board aircraft, but also sealed for protection at sea.

When you want to capture a clear image of e.g. a ship in a beautiful sunset and not only as a dark silhouette, there is no substitute for an additional and intense light source.

Word by Jay Miller, co-founder of the prominent International Society for Aviation Photography:

"I like to think of Claes as a visionary. No other photographer - much less aviation photographer - on the planet has done what he has done. Lighting, of course, is only a part of the game. It doesn't hurt that Claes has a superb eye for composition, exposure, and subject matter. His photos, no matter what time of day they are taken, are always exceptional, innovative, and masterful."

Our Airborne Flash Photography is a powerful and unique creative photographic tool for marketing in the marine- & aviation business and more.

// Claes Axstål / Carpe Momentum Photography

Sweden: +46 708 65 42 42

Email: axstal(at)

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