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Introducing the Fun, Eco-friendly, Strollight® Patent Pending. It helps us to see throughout our darkest hours with the power of the sun. It provides a flameless, multipurpose, customizable, torch style walking light. The Strollight is an essential for person that enjoys the nighttime stroll, the stroll with the family. camping & hiking, or Strolling along, at night, in the City. Or the person that want to reduce man's footprint on the environment.

The Strollight contains a Solar Cell at the very top and absorbs the sun's rays and stores the energy in a weatherproofed, rechargeable battery that can be switched on/off. This allows the user to store up to 8 hours of lighting, on one day's charge.

Batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel, which can contaminate the environment when batteries are improperly disposed of. When incinerated, certain metals might be released into the air or can concentrate in the ash produced by the combustion process.

One way to dramatically reduce the number of batteries in the waste stream is to purchase rechargeable batteries; which each Strollight contains.

A Customizable, Wooden Walking handle adds for more value.

Provide affordable, High Quality, User and Eco-Friendly, Solar Rechargeable Strollights to those it would best serve.

"Get Your Stroll On!!"

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