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Aya Madani

Aya Madani

In a Muslim Conservative family I was born in Qatar - Doha and I grew there , I am The second child of Dr. Madani Othman Ahmed and Mrs. Rabab Al Tayeb .

my family reference is from Aljazeera and that is our original hometown .

I lived In Qatar for 9 years during my childhood and I started my first Primary educational journey at Al Noor private school , we moved to Bahrain and I continued it there at Hekma Private school .

I Lived between Bahrain and Sudan and I started the First year of high school in Sudan , at Qabas High school for Private education (QHS) . It was a wide gate to Learn more about my original Country and to make diffirent friendships .

I like modern technology and social networks and that takes most of my time by staying in a contact with it .

currently I am moving back again to Bahrain to Continue my educational career hoping to study Biology science to have the opportunity to study Dentistry science .

Finally but not lastly I am not forgetting to be thankful to God firstly and my family secondly , hoping to write my unfinished biography Through my life journey .

thanks for your highly Interest .