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In the Amazonian Rainforest, there are about seventy tribes that live there which are all well versed with ayahuasca and its practical applications. Ayahuasca And Cancer Info contains new resources concerning the purpose of this idea. Furthermore, the fact that every single one of these tribes are at a considerable distance from one another, and that they do not have any from of communication to each other makes it really impressive. Basing on the philosophy that is followed by each tribe, it can be concluded that each indigenous group has been able to unlock the mysteries of the ayahuasca by themselves and the science of this revolutionary medicine is also developed from the ground up.

Moreover, the name ayahuasca applies to both the medicinal concoction as well as the raw plant itself.

The Description Of Ayahuasca
The ayahuasca tea that is made by mixing many ingredients with the ayahuasca vine, or otherwise known as banisteriopsis caapi, is often called as ayahuasca. Along with many other plants, the ayahuasca vine is typically cooked and the brown liquid that oozes out is the same liquid that Amazon healers, known as curanderos or ayahuasqueros, ingest whenever they perform an ayahuasca ceremony. How the brew affects the human body and consciousness differs depending on the mixed plants that are poured into the concoction and the way that the healer handles the flow of the ayahuasca ceremony.

There are two main plant leaves that are commonly found in the ayahuasca brew and these are the leaves from the yag plant; which is also known as chagraponga, chalipanga, Diplopterys cabrerana or huambisa, and the chacruna, otherwise known as the Psychotria viridis. Ayahuasca is a famous plant brew that is commonly made in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Western Brazil and in Ecuador. Today, a lot of people around the world are learning more and more about ayahuasca and its use due to the various ayahuasca retreat programs by the Santo Daime and Unio do Vegetal; a religious movement that was successful in opening the eyes of the supreme court to have the medicine used in the United States.

How Ayahuasca Affects You
The Amazon tribes have been learning many things from the spiritual medicine that span from one generation to the next and they generally pass the information orally, but there are some information that have can be seen through the ayahuasca plant lives them