howdy im jupiter and if u follow me get ready to make me ur Problematic Fave™

anyways don't follow me if u r an sjw or think pepe is still a cool meme thanks

im an aries/lawful neutral/esfp

also i kin haha rip i think it's so dumb but I can't not do it fuck anyways my kins r

-kyouko sakura (pmmm) don't follow me if u think u r her buddy

-gerome (fire emblem awakening)

my synpaths are:

-jyushimatsu matsuno (osomatsu-san) kill me

im new to kinning and all so sorry if i fuck up or somethin

I think that's it yeah whatever cool ill add more later

yeah and just comment/like my posts if u see them sorry but im thirsty and need constant validation